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Drawing has been one of my passions since childhood and my bad eyesight obviously hasn’t stopped me. I either draw photorealism, or combined with some weird mixture of abstract and fantasy elements. And yes, I have a “thing” for fairies.

Since I’m very short-sighted, I use photographs as a reference, and to compensate my inability to see 3D, tracing the outlines does the trick to get the proportions right. When I do not use Photoshop or any other apps, all of the artwork below is hand made and the materials used are listed under each piece. Enjoy!

Edyta Górniak | design by pxlgirl“Edyta Górniak” | polychromospencils, brush pen, acrylic paint

Green Leaves Fairy | design by pxlgirl“Green and Blue Girl” | polychromos pencils, ink, brush pen

Nebula Girl II” | polychromos pencils, ink, brush pen, acrylic paint

“Green eye” | watercolor pencils, acrylic paint

“Nebula Girl I” | watercolor pencils, acrylic paint

“Rose Petal Fairy” | watercolor pencils, acrylic paint

“Girl In The Clouds” | polychromos pencils

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