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Arvo Pärt - Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Britten | design by pxlgirlArvo Pärt (Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten)

Hans Zimmer - First Step (Interstellar OST) | design by pxlgirlHans Zimmer (First Step – Interstellar OST)

Massive Attack (Paradise Circus)Massive Attack (Paradise Circus)

Tiësto - Ten Seconds To Sunrise srcset=Tiësto (Ten Seconds To Sunrise) no one shared their insights yet

the deadline viagra


it happens to the best of us… The deadline is approaching, yet we can’t come up with any good concept or idea for our project. The clock is ticking, the panic grows. But, the more we panic, the less likely we’ll come up with any results. It feels like the deadline is coming to get us as well.

to make it out alive, there are a few ways to jump back on track, they may differ from case to case, but let me introduce you a few common strategies that should work for most designers. Other suggestions are welcome, please share yours in the comments below. For now, lets begin:

don’t panic

I know this is easier said than done. However, if you won’t make your mind to calm down, your complete creative process is going to be blocked, as you’ll be way to busy to focus on your fear. Do whatever relaxes you. Go out with friends, play a video game or drink a cup of tea. You want to be cautious with alcohol here, it can become a dangerous habit over time, since this is not the first and not the last situation of that type you’re going face.


while engaging with your relaxing and distracting activities, make sure you do not – I repeat – do not think about the project you’re working on. As weird as this may sound, detaching yourself from your work can actually help you regain your focus on it. If your mind is trapped in the fear and pressure, it narrows itself down and you end up completely stuck, unable to complete even a simple task. Only when your mind is detached it can let new ideas in and you’ll often experience your eureka moment in places or situations you’d never have expected. It can happen on your bus/train/car ride home, or while taking a nice warm shower.

get inspired

research is always a huge part of the design process, but it can also ome handy to get new ideas from others. Looking at projects others have done can do wonders sometimes. Do not try to reinvent the wheel, however, few bits from here, few bits from there, plus your own can create something new to build up upon.

here, in your head

now that you finally got a glimpse of an idea, try to work it all out in your head first, before pushing any pxls. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be room to change later on, yet a basic structure will help you to keep your focus and work efficiently. Nothing is worse than waiting your time in front of the computer not knowing where to do. Once you caught a starting point, the rest will come more or less on its own.

reward yourself

at this point, even after a few sleepless nights you can be confident to get your project done in time. After it’s all done, take a deep breath and go have some fun  You are totally fine to pat yourself on the shoulder for what you accomplished, so get yourself a treat – you deserved it.

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color of sound – voices


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voice of Carl Sagan | design by pxlgirlCarl Sagan (astronomer, cosmologist)  keep on reading… »

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color of sound – an introduction


color of sound | design by pxlgirl

the title might sound to you like LSD trip gone wild, but while the effects wear off after a while, some people experience this naturally and continuously. It is called synesthesia, a physiological condition that allows to perceive a stimulative input with at least two senses at the same time. There are many types of synesthesia, the most common one where individuals experience numbers and letters shaded or surrounded by colors. For more information, check out what has to say on this matter, it’s worth looking into.  keep on reading… »

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brain cells working…


designers are often seen as some kind of alien-like species, dressed in dark wearing fancy glasses and carrying their shiny MacBooks whenever they can. They always keep drawing some weird stuff for what they also carry a sketchbook everywhere they go. Their favorite food is sushi while a mix of Starbuck’s coffee and cocktails run through their veins. A tube of styling gel is their swiss army knife for any emergency situation.

but apart from that, what are designers really like? How do they think? Are they born with creativity? I can’t speak for anyone but keep on reading… »

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