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the better, the worse and the uglier


back in 2006, the soccer world championship took place in Germany. Not that I’m a soccer fan, but their official has caught my eye and manifested itself as the worst logo ever designed. I wasn’t the only one, lots of designers were driven to the edge of insanity, wondering how someone can consciously come up with something like this and sleep well at night. This was far more than just a matter of taste. It was a nightmare from any technical and professional point of view. A well known design magazine initiated a contest where professional designers presented their take on it if they had gotten the chance. What might have looked liked an act of keep on reading… »

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color of sound – an exploration


synapp 2.0 | design by pxlgirl

synesthesia is a neurological condition that allows to perceive sensory input with additional senses to the one it is directed to. I wrote an article that explains this phenomena more in depth. Given its subjective and individual nature, it is very hard for synesthetes to describe their experiences to the outside world. This makes research on the subject even harder. A few lucky ones happen to work in the creative industry or are otherwise artistically skilled are able to produce some imagery. Yet, from a scientific point of view, there’s no way to estimate the accuracy, nor can it be applied on a larger population.  keep on reading… »

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why beauty actually matters


what is the definition of beauty? The most common answer to this question is: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This quote is the common ground of those two examples above, in which they insist to judge about “beauty” based on their own taste and view. Stating this quote as the only truth, would mean the article would come to an end right here. Of course, it won’t end here, so lets now it’s time to take a look at some few more objective approaches to this subject.

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jack of all trades…


if we look at job offers nowadays, it seems that we have to know so much more than design. Having some extra skills isn’t a bad thing, since it does prevent us to be wearing professional blinkers, yet the demands companies have now are getting a bit out of hand. Designers are supposed to know print, flash, programming and whatnot. It can be quite overwhelming, especially when many realize that it is not possible to catch up with all of this at one time.

So one might wonder, why are companies expecting so much? Before I will answer that question, I’d like to tell a bit of my own keep on reading… »

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