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drag and drop(box)


dropbox has been a popular host for data and file storage. Many designers are using it, as its GUI is simple and easy to use. But not all is gold what glitters. As dropbox is run by a company, we can never be sure how the user’s files are being handled, not to mention security issues. Unfortunately so, dropbox hasn’t exactly been a good example with the things mentioned above:

“Dropbox has been criticized by independent security researcher Derek Newton, who has argued that Dropbox’s authentication architecture is inherently insecure, and by software expert Miguel de Icaza who claims that Dropbox’s terms of service contradicts its keep on reading… »

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out of the box: cryptography


secure email & file encryption

Why should a designer, other than a geek even bother about such complex things like encryption? Simple. Because no one would write sensitive data on a postcard or dare to transfer money in an envelope without worrying about it to be stolen somewhere. As drastic as it sounds, it describes almost any online communication how data is being transferred through cyberspace. This does not mean that everything should be encrypted from now on, but having privacy tools and a basic understanding about cryptography gives everyone the chance to make a choice about how private or/and secure given data can be handled.  keep on reading… »

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