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through the lens


back in the day when I was in design school, photography was one of the few things I thought I would never be able to do. I eventually skipped the class and the topic was off the table.

fast forward to now: On a sunny day while walking around town, I decided to give it shot at least once. It was quite awkward, since I had no idea what I was doing, nor could I really see the object through the viewfinder or even the display. My only orientation point was the color, which ever since has helped me to somehow set the focus. Surprisingly enough, I was quite stunned by the results after I imported the images to my computer. What was even more stunning, was the fact that some people assumed that I must have been doing photography for quite a while. I got asked plenty of “technical” questions to which I had no answers, I even had no clue what type of camera I was using.

I decided to give it a few more tries, and eventually I discovered another perk that I never had seen: As much as I couldn’t see what picture I was taking, the picture itself showed me what was on it. I discovered that I could capture things up close that would otherwise be out of reach, physically and visually. The camera became some sort of an eye extension, surprising me with new details and perspectives.

There’s is still a lot more to discover. If you would like to join me on this journey, make sure to follow me on instagram.

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my so called “coming out”


images & insights | design by pxlgirl

I’ve been focusing a lot about accessibility lately, but it wasn’t always this way, or lets say, I wasn’t too vocal about it. When I started out over a decade ago, only very few people from my inner real life circle knew that I had a visual impairment. I never was ashamed of it, nor did I deliberately hide it, but since many of my clients were remote, I never brought up the issue, until keep on reading… »

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7 misconceptions about low vision


low vision | design by pxlgirl

most resources dealing with visual impairment mostly target blind people, yet there is still a huge number of people who have still have some remaining eyesight. Unfortunately, this group of people is either often overlooked, or lumped in the same category with blind people. keep on reading… »

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creative blind bat


“how do you do this?” – that is a question I get asked often, whenever new people I meet get confronted with the fact that I’m a designer having a visual impairment. As short as the question is, the answer is not that simple. There are quite a few factors at play, apart from me sticking my nose to the screen.

the basics

first things first, let me briefly explain about my eyesight. Many people see either blind or normally sighted, ignoring everything in between. keep on reading… »

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