goodbye Adobe – hello Affinity?

October 27 | 2015

it has been around 15 years for us, me and Adobe that is. The relationship was rocky sometimes, it was the only option around and it got the job done most of the times (unless it decided to crash on me). Things got really sour after Adobe introduced their nasty cloud subscription model. There are many out there, who just happen to be ok with that model, but not having a choice between a stand-alone licence and a subscription is restrictive and limiting in my book. That said, it’s only a matter of time till my stand-alone software will stop running on newer operating systems and I’d be forced to subscribe, knowing that what I pay for can’t even be really “mine”. Well, no thank you and fsck you!

being a bit of a linux geek, like me, they are nowhere near to be considered alternatives for professionals.

then I stumbled upon Affinity. They specifically target professionals and their software runs on Macs only. Currently, the product line consists of Affinity Designer, which resembles Illustrator and Affinity Photo, which… you guessed it, resembles Photoshop. An equivalent for InDesign called Affinity Publisher is to be released soon, so we got some really exciting times ahead of us. Now mind you, it’s not at that level I need it to be just yet, but the development is moving forward rapidly. I was very impressed what they’ve come up with so far, so lets hope they will keep up the good work. It’s about time for new and innovative apps that can finally kick Adobe’s ass real hard. When that happens, you bet I’ll have a shot or two.

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