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March 20 | 2016

is a brand just a fancy term for a logo? That’s what many would think but is this true? Of course not, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post. I will spare you the dictionary definition of a logo, but in a nutshell, it’s a visual representation of a company name, it may or may not include a graphic attached to it.

a brand however, is a representation of a company as a whole. What does that mean? You can compare a company to a human. Everyone has a name, but that’s not the only thing that represents them. Every human has values, goals and other personality traits that make up a unique character. This is where a brand kicks in. It does more than just visualize someone’s name, it makes sure that things like appearance and behavior match the personality and values.

applying this to a company, a brand would be the concept as a whole, the logo being one part of it. Take Apple as an example. Their branding strategy involves so much more than a bitten apple logo, it goes all the way from their internal name badges, over advertising to packeging and so much more I won’t list here.

in order to accomplish this, the work process of a designer is a bit more complex. Just like with a person, it takes time to get to know them, just like it takes time to grasp the identity of a company. It is then up to the designer to create a concept and find creative ways to get the right message across. I have prepared another example to illustrate this. On the image below you can see a concept behind a brand I once created. The client was a startup company selling medical devices:

MedView - WIP | design by pxlgirl

You can check out the full project here.

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